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Ceteor has been manufacturing boosters for more than 15 years now. They are specialized in professional boosters for all kind of uses.
There are 2 different ranges:

SOS Booster
The classic range offers a solution for each professional, working on 6V, 12V, 24V and 28V (for aircrafts) vehicles for every type of use: from occasional to very intensive use. The quality of the components offers a much higher power than the competition, which allows the use on all vehicles and longer autonomy.

This range is designed with a built-in docking and charging station. The station is available in 2 versions: workshop (AC/DC station to be fixed on a wall in the workshop, with a charger connected the mains) or vehicle (DC/DC to be connected to the battery of the recovery vehicle).

The advantages of the concept are:

1. The Booster is always in its place
2. The Booster is always charged and ready for use
3. 100% successful starts all the day.
4. A longer lifetime of the Booster.


Our products are especially dedicated to professionals also in the heavy duty sectors. Compared to our competitors, our range starts (in terms of power) where most of our competitors stop theirs. Which means we have the adapted offer for the heavy duty sector which they lack completely. The power is really important in order to have a lasting product and satisfied customer.

Why is it better to choose a more powerful booster?

Our range of boosters is much more powerful than competitors; this allows us to fulfill the needs in every sector.
But why would it be more interesting to have powerful units?
When the users have to make difficult starts with vehicles in bad condition, or very powerful equipment or on a very deeply discharged battery or in difficult conditions (harsh temperatures high or low) other boosters are too weak for this.
This means that the user will try again and again to jump start the vehicle. First, he surely won't succeed in starting the vehicle and moreover the battery in the booster will be damaged. Effectively, when one tries too long on a booster, the electrolyte inside the battery begins to boil and the gases inside escape under the pressure through the pressure valve.
This leads to an irremediable loss of power.

With a more powerful booster, the customer does not have to insist on the booster and the batteries won’t be damaged. This energy reserve also allows the customer to make several start attempts in a row without having to put the booster on charge.


Model Application Comments
– 2400/1200CA
Intensive use on 12V and
24V vehicles
For construction, transport sectors,
agriculture,... It has a reduced size and find
easily a place in a workshop or in a recovery
vehicle and load trucks.
Mobile 12/24V – 3200/
Intensive use on 12V and
24V vehicles – On wheels
Perfect for an intensive use for heavy duty
24V vehicles as well as for 12V. This is the
model we advise for companies who have
parking lots, warehouses, etc.
Perfect for mining industry
Mobile 12/24V – 6400/
Intensive use on 12V and
24V vehicles – On wheels
Same as just above, it has twice as more
energy reserve, so this is the one we would
also advise for mining, on larger fleets and
bigger engines.

The models are also available as “mono-voltage” in 24V or 12V.

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