We dismantle a huge amount of Komatsu machines in order to Rebuild the main components.

We offer Rebuilt Engines, Transmissions, Axles, Differentials, Converters, Cylinders, and many many more, even for the big mining machines.

Every Rebuilt Engine can be delivered with a Dyno test, and gets a full 6-month Warranty.

Many Mines struggle with a big amount of machines at stop with broken Engines, Transmissions, Axles, etc...
This is often caused by a lack of highly qualified technicians on mine site, where sand and dust are often not the ideal surroundings for high standard repairs and rebuilding.

TRAXCO offers a complete new formula, in which we bring full loads of these broken parts to our repair shop in the USA, where 80 highly qualified and certified Komatsu technicians will inspect each part thoroughfully. A very detailed diagnostic will be sent to you with an exact price. You decide which part you want to be rebuilt with all genuine Komatsu parts (for the others there is no cost for the diagnostic) and within a minimum of time, all the parts will be back on your site, ready to be mounted.

You will have components, rebuilt to the highest Komatsu standards, with a full Komatsu warranty, in a minimum of time, and at the most competitive price !

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